Noblelift Forklifts


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One year battery warranty and 60 days Forklift available

  For over a decade, NOBLELIFT has been one of the leading forklift and pallet truck manufacturers globally. When it comes to quality material handling equipment, NOBLELIFT has six different equipment categories with over 300 different models, with load capacities ranging from 200 pounds to over 1,000 pounds and lift heights up to 12.5m. Whatever your application, rest assured that NOBLELIFT has the right material handling equipment that will not only increase efficiency but can help you save storage space in a reliable and economical way. As an exclusive NOBLELIFT dealer in California, Coronado Equipment Sales has a variety of used NOBLELIFT forklifts, package pickers, and more! We also have the ability to special order ANY NOBLELIFT product for your application. 

Reasons To Choose NOBLELIFT Forklifts

The right forklift for your application usually comes down to price and quality. Typically you could get one or the other, but not both. That was until NOBLELIFT came into the picture. NOBLELIFT forklifts and other material handling equipment puts an end to deciding between price and quality by incorporating both into their products. Plus, compared to other manufacturers, NOBLELIFT products are low-maintenance and offer improved comfort and ergonomic design for easy and comfortable operation.  NOBLELIFT manufacturers quality 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric forklifts that are designed to meet the demands of your industry and application —  day in and day out. They also manufacture quality electric pallet trucks, stackers, and order pickers.

Buy Quality Forklifts From An Exclusive NOBLELIFT Dealer

If you want to experience the quality performance that NOBLELIFT forklifts and material handling equipment offer, shop at Coronado Equipment Sales! As a certified NOBLELIFT Dealer, we can order any NOBLELIFT product to meet the needs of your application. Contact our material handling experts to learn more about our selection of new and used NOBLELIFT products.