4 Directional Forklifts


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One year battery warranty and 60 days Forklift available

  Eliminate the need for right-angle turns, reduce the aisle width needed for long load handling and bulky loads, and improve overall maneuverability and efficiency with four directional forklifts. At Coronado Equipment Sales, we have a wide selection of used four directional electric forklifts for sale that are ideally suited to handle long loads safely, with greater speed and precision.

What Are Four Directional Forklifts?

Your business isn’t two dimensional, so why should your forklifts be? A four-directional forklift, or multidirectional forklift, can travel in four directions: forward, reverse, left and right. Because these electric forklifts allow movement for long and awkward loads in all four directions, storage capacity in every space imaginable is maximized! They’re essentially three machines in one: a sideloader, counterbalance forklift, and narrow-aisle forklift. This electric forklift eliminates the need to lift loads high, which results in greater load stability and decreased damage to products. Thanks to the unique four-wheel steering system, these forklifts are able to maneuver smaller aisles and maximize warehouse storage. Because multi-directional forklifts can transport exceptionally longer loads than your standard reach truck, they are more suitable for the timer and metal industries.

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At Coronado Equipment Sales, our selection of four directional electric forklifts are a great way to add some extra versatility to your fleet. These electric forklifts enhance the way you handle and store materials, specifically long and awkward loads, or when space is limited. We have forklifts from leading manufacturers, such as Raymond and Hyster. Our used multi-directional forklifts are professionally reconditioned and are ‘like new’ to provide your application with a quality, affordable solution that lasts!
  • Designed to handle longer loads safely
  • Add lateral maneuverability to the standard forward and rearward motion
  • Professionally reconditioned to ensure optimal, long-lasting performance
  • Can operate in much narrower aisles than conventional lift trucks
  • Efficient at handling larger materials such as lumber, pipe, tubing, and steel
  • Helps reduce the risk of product damage

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If you are in need of a multi-directional electric forklift for your operation, Coronado Equipment Sales has a variety of models to choose from with different available configurations to meet the demanding needs of your applications. With vast experience as well as the knowledge of material-handling equipment, our forklift specialists can help you find the best used 4-directional forklift to meet your requirements. To learn more about multi-directional forklifts or any of our other electric forklifts in our inventory, contact us today to receive your freight quote!