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  Designed for narrow aisle applications, turret forklifts are ideal for warehouse and fulfillment environments with space constraints. At Coronado Equipment Sales, we have a wide selection of used turret forklifts for sale that deliver optimal performance and long-term reliability for your applications.

What Are Turret Forklifts

Turret forklifts are designed to do one specific task that many other forklift trucks will not be able to perform: operate in very narrow aisles. Because they are designed with a holistic approach of understanding space constraints and narrow aisle applications, many refer to turret trucks as VNA, or very narrow aisle, forklifts. Depending on the model, the main mast of these electric forklifts typically lift the operator to heights of up to 14 meters. This ‘man up’ forklift process means the operator sits within the carriage of the turret truck, giving them a clear and accurate view of the pallet handling process, which leads to improved handling times. The turret forklift is your fastest option in terms of load handling per hour. Turret trucks are battery operated that use both the electric engine, the battery, and the operator compartment to counterweight heavy loads.

Find Used Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts At Coronado Equipment Sales

Coronado Equipment Sales offers a wide variety of used electric turret forklifts to maximize your warehouse space and picks per hour, from leading brands such as Raymond, Drexel, Bendi, and more! Our turret trucks can help move loads more quickly and efficiently, and enable operators to work smarter, not harder. All of the used electric forklifts we sell are reconditioned and tested by our expert mechanics to ensure they run extremely smooth, strong, and efficient. In any working environment with space constraints, these used turret truck forklifts offer some of the following benefits:
  • Faster pallet handling in narrow aisle applications, therefore providing significant productivity gains
  • Reduces the risk of racking damage and operator error as they have a clear and view of the loads they are handling
  • Helps reduce aisle width and increases warehouse holding capacity
  • Can save up to 50 percent more space than your standard reach truck in a high-density warehouse applications

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