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Used Electric Forklifts For Sale

Used electric forklifts are a top choice in many work environments as the manufacturers improve the efficiency and focus on electronic forklifts that can be used in various environments. Many used electric forklifts offer stronger batteries and additional optional charging systems that allow for more running time. Environmentally speaking, many companies choose an electric forklift over a gas or propane forklift simply because of they produce no emissions.

Electric Forklifts Options and Benefits

Used electric lift forklifts are available with three wheels or four wheels. The right turning radius of an electric forklift makes it ideal for turning in small aisles. As mentioned above, both electric forklift styles are run by an electric motor meaning your work environment is emission and exhaust free creating a healthier and happier workspace. Electric forklifts are ideal for indoor use with cushion tires and low noise. But which is best for you, three wheel forklift or four wheel forklift?

A three wheel electric forklift has a single drive wheel in the rear center of the forklift. The rear wheel steers and turns the lift while the front wheel drives the forklift. The three wheel electric forklifts smaller frame makes for a quick turning radius.

A four wheel electric forklift is able to travel longer distances than a three wheel forklift. It to can turn tight corners. If you need a larger lift capacity, the four wheel electric forklift offers the support needed.

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