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Used Electric Forklifts For Sale

Used electric forklifts are a top choice in many work environments as the manufacturers improve the efficiency and focus on electronic forklifts that can be used in various environments. Many used electric forklifts offer stronger batteries and additional optional charging systems that allow for more running time. Environmentally speaking, many companies choose an electric forklift over a gas or propane forklift simply because of they produce no emissions.

Electric Forklifts Options and Benefits

Used electric lift forklifts are available with three wheels or four wheels. The right turning radius of an electric forklift makes it ideal for turning in small aisles. As mentioned above, both electric forklift styles are run by an electric motor meaning your work environment is emission and exhaust free creating a healthier and happier workspace. Electric forklifts are ideal for indoor use with cushion tires and low noise. But which is best for you, three wheel forklift or four wheel forklift?

A three wheel electric forklift has a single drive wheel in the rear center of the forklift. The rear wheel steers and turns the lift while the front wheel drives the forklift. The three wheel electric forklifts smaller frame makes for a quick turning radius.

A four wheel electric forklift is able to travel longer distances than a three wheel forklift. It to can turn tight corners. If you need a larger lift capacity, the four wheel electric forklift offers the support needed.

Forklift Stock Updated Daily

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Electric Forklifts

Searching for electric forklifts for your business? We have hundreds of used electric forklifts for you to choose from, with a wide range of high quality models to suit every business, budget and requirement.

From stand up forklifts to reach, four-directional, turret and other designs, our range of electric forklifts includes a vast range of models.

We’ve been supplying high quality forklifts and other equipment to businesses in California and nationwide for more than 20 years. Located at 2275 S La Crosse Ave #2010 in Colton, our team is always available to provide the expertise, knowledge and assistance you need.

Ready to start forklift shopping? For more information about our range of electric forklifts, please contact us now. You can also learn more about the benefits of electric forklifts, forklift types and buying options below.

Our Range of Electric Forklifts

Looking for a pre-owned electric forklift? Our range of electric forklifts includes options to match any objective or budget, with everything from electric order pickers to four-directional forklifts to choose from:

  • Order Pickers. Designed for picking out individual pallets and items, order pickers are compact and ideal for small warehouses and retail store rooms.
  • Electric Sit Down Forklifts. These versatile electric forklifts are ideal for store rooms, warehouses and other environments in which pallets and shelving are used for storage.
  • Four-Directional Forklifts. Capable of rotating their drive wheels 90°, four-directional forklifts eliminate the need for right-angle turns, providing enhanced maneuverability.
  • Turret Forklifts. Designed for narrow aisles and high-level pallet handling, turret forklifts are ideal for environments in which you want to maximize your storage capabilities.

We also stock a large range of electric stackers, pallet jacks and other warehouse equipment, making it easy for you to fit your entire warehouse, storeroom or other place of business with modern, energy efficient equipment.

Why Buy an Electric Forklift?

Compared to diesel or propane forklifts, electric forklifts offer a range of great advantages that make them an ideal choice for your business:

Low/No Fuel Costs

Tired of paying for fuel? Efficient and designed for plug-in charging, electric forklifts cost almost nothing to run when compared to conventional diesel or propane forklifts, reducing your costs over the long term.

Ideal for Small Facilities

Compact and maneuverable, electric forklifts are ideal for small warehouses, retail store rooms, fulfillment centers and other environments. Many electric forklifts have smaller turning radiuses, making them easy to maneuver between aisles of storage shelving.

Long Service Intervals

Compared to diesel and propane forklifts, electric forklifts tend to have longer service intervals and require less upkeep. This is primarily because electric motors have fewer moving parts to wear down over time than internal combustion engines.

For you as a business owner or operator, this means lower running costs, fewer breakdowns and an easier maintenance schedule for your essential equipment.

Near Zero Emissions

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Electric forklifts have almost zero emissions, allowing you to significantly reduce your company’s emissions, create a pollution-free workplace and produce a lower impact on the environment.

Noise Reduction

Like other electric vehicles, electric forklifts are almost completely silent, helping you reduce the impact of noise pollution in the workplace and create a more welcoming, enjoyable environment for your employees.

Electric Forklift Rentals

Do you need an electric forklift for one day, week or month? In addition to our extensive range of used electric forklifts for sale, we offer a complete range of electric forklifts and other equipment for rent with competitive daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Our forklift rentals page includes all of the information you need to plan your forklift or other type of equipment rental, including daily, weekly and monthly rental pricing.

We Update Our Stock Daily

Searching for a specific electric forklift? We update our stock of pre-owned electric forklifts daily, meaning we’ll almost always have one or several models in stock that match your requirements and budget.

Don’t see any forklifts that match your requirements on our website? Contact us now to talk to a member of our experienced team and learn more about the electric forklifts, order pickers, pallet jacks and other equipment we have available.

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As one of Southern California’s leading electric forklift dealers, we stock a wide range of forklifts to suit the needs of every business. From tips and recommendations to model-specific data, our team is always ready to help you choose the right equipment for your business.

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