Wholesale Forklifts

We have Hundreds of Wholesale Forklifts to Choose From Nationwide !!!

Wholesale distributors constantly face unique challenges in their unrelenting efforts to meet the industry’s changing demands. When it comes to material handling operations, wholesalers are faced with the task of moving product efficiently in tight spaces, providing on-time delivery to customers and ensuring that their material handleing equipment is always operating at peak levels. At Coronado Equipment Sales, we understand how important it is to move materials quickly and efficiently in the wholesale distribution industry. To meet the requirements of the industry, wholesalers need quality electric forklifts that are efficiently designed and made for the wholesale industry, meaning you can move more goods and materials per hour and get more hours of forklift operation from a single charge. Our selection of used warehouse forklifts can reduce costs by enabling workers to store and transport material more efficiently and productively, all while keeping energy and maintenance costs down.

Our Wholesale Forklifts Offer Value-Driven Solutions

If you have been looking for a quality wholesale forklift for sale, look no further. We have quality used forklifts available from some of the industry’s top manufacturers. No matter the materials or goods you are moving, how much space you have in your distribution center, or other requirements you have for your application, we’ll be sure to find material handling equipment that meets the demands of your work. 

What To Look For In Wholesale Forklifts

Wholesale distribution comes with the unique challenge of moving loads of material in tight spaces, all in a safe and efficient manner. To ensure that you choose the right forklift to meet the demands for your application, you need to look for forklifts with the following qualities Great Material Handling and Productivity In warehouse distribution applications, speed, efficiency, and maneuverability are some of the biggest factors that affect the productivity of material handleing. To best improve efficiency and productivity, you’ll want to look for a forklift that features a compact design and great material handling capabilities. Short Turning Radius Because space in a distribution center or warehouse is not always easy to come by, you’ll want to make sure that the forklift you choose has a short turning radius. A short turning radius will allow for safer and more dynamic forklift operation.  Good Battery Life Many applications in the wholesale industry involve moving material all day long, so you want to look for a forklift that comes with a good battery life. Ideally, you’ll want to find an option that provides you with hours of forklift operation from a single charge.  Impressive Reach Capabilities In narrow-aisle applications, such as wholesale distribution, having a high-storage density is normal. Therefore, to ensure you can access all stored goods and materials, you need to ensure that the forklift you choose has the proper reach capabilities!

Popular Types of Wholesale Forklifts

Reach Forklifts

A new level of performance is within your reach with our selection of used reach forklifts. The compact construction, ability to navigate in tight spaces, and impressive reach range make reach trucks an ideal solution for many whole distributing applications. 

Pallet Jacks

We have a large selection of used pallet jacks that deliver superior energy efficiency and never compromise on reliability and durability. Though narrow aisle forklifts are ideal for moving material in small spaces, there are situations where even the narrowest of forklifts aren’t suitable for moving goods. This is where pallet jacks come in handy. 

Counterbalance Forklifts

Counterbalanced trucks are ideal for jobs that require maneuverability and are commonly used in the wholesale distribution industry. Featuring a tight turning radius and the ability to navigate tight areas, these forklifts are excellent for unloading trucks and moving pallets around warehouses and distribution centers.