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  For some, the terms ‘telehandler’ and ‘forklift’ are interchangeable. However, they actually refer to two completely different types of industrial equipment. A telehandler differs from a forklift in that it has a telescopically extensible boom, which can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle, so it can be fitted with various lifting. At Coronado Equipment Sales, we have a wide selection of used telehandlers for sale, allowing you to choose one that’s more than capable of conquering any job you face.

What Are Telehandlers?

A telehandler, also referred to as a boom lift or telescopic handler is a versatile lifting machine incorporating a telescopic boom fitted with a lifting attachment. It is one of the most utilized pieces of equipment in the construction, mining, and agriculture industries. Telehandlers have the combined capabilities of a forklift, crane, and work platform all rolled into one and also boasts countless other potential functions and features. With the ability to extend their boom forward and upwards, these vehicles are incredibly versatile. While forklifts need to be physically driven forward or backward to lift loads, telehandlers have the ability to lift loads forwards and backwards without having to move the vehicle. 

Benefits of Pneumatic Forklifts

A telehandler simply offers more reach and power compared to a forklift but enjoys similar maneuverability, giving it the optimal balance between power, reach, and usability. Some benefits of telehandlers include:  
  • Capable of navigating rough terrain. With four-wheel drive functionality, telehandlers can drive both on and off-road. They are capable of navigating on the rough and uneven surfaces yet are still suitable for roads, making them great for construction, agriculture, and many other industries.
  • Incredibly versatile. With a variety of attachments available, a telescopic handler is incredibly versatile. These attachments connect to the end of the boom, giving a telehandler many different uses that make it incredibly helpful on worksites.
  • Max loading height and reach. Of course, a big advantage of telehandlers is the ability to lift loads to normally unreachable heights and lengths. Quality telehandlers can effectively transport materials to distances and heights that would otherwise be impossible to reach using a single-vehicle.

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Whether you are in construction, mining, agriculture, or other industries that require a versatile lifting machine, you can find quality used telehandlers for sale at Coronado Equipment Sales. We have used telescopic handlers from some of the leading manufactures in the industry, contact us to learn more!