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    In applications where forklifts are not required and there is a need for transporting and lifting pallets and standard forklifts – for instance, in small warehouses, storerooms, and in specialized warehousing sections – stacker forklifts are the ideal solution. At Coronado Equipment Sales, we have a wide selection of used pallet stacker forklifts for sale that deliver optimal performance and long-term reliability for your applications.

What Are Electric Stackers

Electric stackers, also referred to in the industry as walkie stackers or electric pallet stackers are ideal for transporting and lifting small capacity items around a warehouse for less than five hours each day. Unlike other electric forklifts, these material-handling vehicles don’t have cabs. Instead, the operator walks behind the stacker and steers it by using an attached handle. Similar to an electric pallet jack, these units lack power, maneuverability, and speed. However, they are ideal for situations where you need a taller pallet jack. Electric stackers have the ability to reach much higher off the ground than their counterpart. There are many different types of walkie stackers, each of which has differences in the way they distribute their load with either straddle legs, counterbalance weight, or front legs.

Find Used Electric Stackers At Coronado Equipment Sales

Coronado Equipment Sales offers a wide variety of used walkie stackers that can be used for transporting and lifting pallets and small capacity items around warehouse environments. Find electric stackers from the leading manufacturers such as Raymond, Hyster, Barret, Crown, and more. Our rugged walkie pallet stackers deliver unmatched durability and energy efficiency. All of the used electric stackers we sell are reconditioned and tested by our expert mechanics to ensure they run smoothly, strongly, and efficiently. Walkie stackers are ideal when handling pallets in specialized warehousing applications. They are also great for adding extra handling capacity for order fulfillment without investing in an entirely new electric forklift and for providing backup. Some other benefits include:
  • Lower upfront costs than compared to other material handling equipment
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Improved operator visibility when handling loads due to their smaller size
  • Does not emit smoke or exhaust pollution and makes no noise, making them perfect for indoor material handling
  • Minimum operating costs

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