Order Picker Forklifts

Order Picker Forklifts

Are you searching for an order picker forklift for your business? Compact, efficient and versatile, order pickers have a place in almost every commercial or industrial warehouse or storage-based environment.

Designed to make picking out products, pallets and other items simple, order picker forklifts are an essential for any warehouse, fulfillment center or mid-sized to large retail store that offers a wide range of different items.

The smallest type of forklift, an order picker can be used to help drivers easily access products stored high on interior shelving. Order pickers can also be used to transport pallets around in a warehouse environment, as well as for stacking pellets on top of one another.

As a versatile, compact forklift, you’ll be able to spot an order picker inside almost every busy commercial warehouse.

Looking for the right order picker for your business? We stock a large range of order pickers to suit every budget and business. For more information, please continue reading below or get in touch with our team by phone or email.

What Are Order Picker Forklifts?

Order pickers are the smallest type of commercial forklift. Order pickers are designed to fulfill individual purchases rather than full pallets. For example, an order picker is typically used to access a single-piece or case picking, rather than to access and move an entire pallet.

Unlike most forklifts, which have a sit-down design in which the driver sits behind the lift, order pickers allow the driver to stand on the lift area itself. This means that the operator also moves up and down with the lift, making it easy to pick out individual orders for customers.

Because of their versatile design, order pickers can be used for a wide range of purposes. The most common uses of order pickers include picking up small items, accessing larger items such as home furniture, carrying small boxes and even transporting multiple items at once.

Order pickers are significantly smaller than conventional sit-down forklifts, making them an ideal choice for smaller warehouses, fulfillment centers and other environments in which a larger, full size forklift might not be appropriate.

The smaller dimensions of order pickers also make them great for dense, tightly-packed storage areas with relatively narrow aisles.

Most order pickers are designed to reach a height of up to 240 inches. However, some models are capable of reaching even higher levels, with certain order pickers capable of reaching up to 390” in height.

Order Pickers vs. Sit-Down Forklifts

There are several key differences between order pickers and sit-down forklifts. First, the designs are completely different — while a sit-down forklift is designed with the driver seated well behind the lift, an order picker has a platform from which the driver can operate the lifting mechanism.

This means that the operator can move up and down with the order picker, rather than staying seated as they would with a conventional sit-down forklift.

Order pickers are also significantly smaller than conventional sit-down forklifts. They’re usually less expensive to purchase, relatively easy to operate, and designed for environments in which a larger forklift might not be suitable.

In an order picker, there’s significantly less protection than there is inside the cabin of a normal forklift. There’s no protected cab, meaning that the operator of an order picker isn’t as protected against the risk of falling items as they would be inside a forklift.

Finally, there’s the productivity aspect. While forklifts are designed for moving whole pallets at a time (a task they excel at), order pickers are specifically designed for smaller objectives, such as accessing and picking a single product at a time.

Benefits of Order Picker Forklifts

Are you considering an order picker forklift? Compared to a conventional sit-down forklift, order picks offer several advantages:

  • Many order pickers are priced below conventional sit-down electric forklifts, allowing you to equip your warehouse or storeroom at a lower cost.

  • Because of their smaller dimensions and design, order pickers are ideal for fitting down tight, narrow aisles between shelving — an environment many larger forklifts may not fit into.

  • Order pickers allow your staff to move up and down with the equipment’s platform, letting your warehouse or fulfillment center staff pick up individual items without having to lift an entire pallet down from the shelf.

  • Used effectively, order pickers can significant increase productivity in your warehouse and make fulfilling customer orders a faster, easier process.

  • Because of their simple design, most order pickers require relatively light maintenance and cost far less to operate than conventional diesel or propane forklifts.

  • By using an order picker, you can pack your shelves higher than you might normally be able to, helping you more efficiently make use of your storage space.

View Our Range or Order Picker Forklifts

Searching for the right order picker for your warehouse? We stock a large range of high quality pre-owned order picker forklifts, including fully reconditioned models that offer an outstanding level of value for money.

Our selection of order pickers included models with a 195” maximum mast height, as well as a wide range of models with mast heights of up to 240” in total. Affordably priced, our extensive selection of reconditioned models let you equip your warehouse or storage area at a low cost.

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