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One year battery warranty and 60 days Forklift available

    Whether on the dock or in an aisle, electric docker forklifts can meet ragged real-world challenges with power, productivity, and performance while providing the safety and efficiency of electric forklift operation. At Coronado Equipment Sales, we have a wide selection of used standup docker forklifts for sale that deliver optimal performance, maneuverability, and long-term reliability for your operating environment.

What Are Stand Up Docker Forklifts

Docker forklifts, also known as counterbalance forklifts, are great for quick loading and unloading in service areas where the operator will be frequently mounting and dismounting the forklift. Because these are one of the most common types of material handling equipment, there’s a lot of variation among different models of electric counterbalance forklifts to better suit the specific demands of certain warehouse environments. Counterbalance forklifts are easy to operate. They not only have a designated area for the operator, but also a straightforward lifting mechanism. These electric forklifts feature two forks at the front and have the ability to drive up close to a pallet or load to easily pick it up and move it. In order to compensate for the heavy loads being lifted at the front, the counterweight is in the rear of the vehicle. These versatile counterbalance lift trucks are most commonly used for warehouse and rough dock jobs. Most models typically have load capacities that range from 3,000 to 5,000 lbs.

Buy Your Used Counterbalance Forklift

At Coronado Equipment Sales, our selection of stand up counterbalance forklifts are efficient, versatile, and productive to perform at the highest levels. Our used docker lift trucks are professionally reconditioned and are ‘like new’ to provide your application with a quality, affordable, and long-lasting solution. From dock to stock, our used counterbalance forklifts offer the following benefits.
  • Easily operable and maneuverable
  • Extraordinary lifting capabilities
  • Professionally reconditioned to ensure optimal performance
  • The ideal electric forklift for moving pallets to and from storage
  • Suited for both dock and aisle use

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If your operation is in need of an electric counterbalance forklift, Coronado Equipment Sales has a variety of models to choose from with different available configurations to meet your demanding needs. With vast experience as well as the knowledge of material-handling equipment, our forklift specialists can help you find the best-used counterbalance forklift for your requirements. To learn more about our standup counterbalance lift, contact us today to receive your freight quote! Brand your space! Trust us to help you find the branding solutions that are as creative, innovative, and unique as your company. Learn more about what we can do for you and how together, we can elevate your brand's status.