What Is The Best Tire For Your Forklift

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June 17, 2016
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What Is The Best Tire For Your Forklift

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What Is The Best Tire For Your Forklift

Some styles of forklifts can use a variety of styles of tires, so choosing the best tire for your forklift comes down to your needs and use of the machine. No matter the type of forklift you have, just as with a car, having stable, properly inflated tires is key to safe driving and keeping the machine in good working order. This can be especially true if you’re searching through used forklifts for sale, as the tires may need to be replaced for your work environment.

Types of Tires for Forklifts

the best tires for your forkliftsPneumatic Tires: These heavy-duty application tires are filled with liquid polyurethane rather than air, which betters the life of the forklift. While these tires do require a large area to turn and are often a more expensive option, they are an excellent choice if your work environment is outdoors or calls for heavy lifting. Best uses for Pneumatic tires on your forklift:

      • Can handle heavy load capacity • Durable features provide long life of forklift • Suitable for all outdoor projects • Suitable for some indoor work • Constructed of sturdy rubber and deep tread

Polyurethane Tires: If you’ve recently purchased a used electric forklift for sale, polyurethane tires may be the best option for your lift machine. These tires work best for lightweight applications and can be used on electric forklifts, reach trucks and walkie trucks. Polyurethane tires for your forklift are considered press on tires. These forklift tires are not built for outdoor use, but they do work well for light, indoor work.
  • Exceptional turning radius
  • Good fit for electric forklifts
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for indoor work, and can handle tight corners
Solid Rubber Tires: These tires are completely constructed of rubber – no air or liquids. They’re often referred to as “cushion tires” or “puncture-proof.” While they look like pneumatic tires, they do not help boost the lifespan of the forklift and they require more protection than pneumatic. There are advantages to using solid rubber tires on your forklift:
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (but not heavy lifting outdoor projects)
  • Moderate turning radius (less than pneumatic)
  • Tires never deflate or burst
  • Extremely durable
Whether you choose to purchase a new forklift or take your pick from used forklifts for sale, there are things to consider before buying your forklift tires. Think about your work environment – outdoor or indoor – and consider the life capacity needed for your projects on a regular basis. You’ll also want to know how much space you need for the forklift to turn, as the tires can determine exactly how much space is used. Lastly, keep in mind your budget. Are you in the market for new forklift tires for sale, or will used tires be sufficient for your workload and frequency? Finally, whatever type of forklift tire you decide on, maintain them properly for longer usability. Checking the air pressure (when applicable), understanding the weight limits for each tire type and storing the forklift tires properly when you’re not using them will help increase the lifespan of your tires.

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