Questions to Ask Before Buying Used Electric Forklifts for Sale

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The ABCs of Operating an Electric Forklift
November 30, 2018
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December 7, 2018
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Questions to Ask Before Buying Used Electric Forklifts for Sale

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Buying a forklift is a considerable investment that requires informed decision-making. Many people prefer buying used electric forklift as opposed to new ones for a variety of reasons including getting a better value for their money. Buying a forklift and realizing it has problems later can be a big disappointment and a loss in your investment. When contemplating purchasing a used forklift for sale, it is important to ask some basic questions that will help you in getting the right equipment that will give you the best services. Here are the questions you should ask the seller before purchasing a used forklift.

What is the main reason for selling the forklift?

This question should be the first and the most important. It is crucial to know why the owner is selling the forklift because you need to purchase equipment that is in the right conditions. This will help in avoiding equipment problems that might cost you more money in the end.

What are the work abilities of the forklift?

There is no need of buying a forklift only to realize it can't handle your specific business needs. You should be aware of your business needs for a forklift such as weights and load sizes the forklift will be handling. With this in mind, ask the seller about the work abilities of the forklift. Inquire on the forklifts maximum load capacity, the maximum height it can lift and its width. If it can't handle your needs, then don't look for another seller.

What is the maintenance cost of the forklift?

Maintenance cost is a crucial factor to be aware of when buying a used forklift. Maintenance cost that is higher than your business can afford, makes the equipment unviable for you. Additionally, if the forklift has breakdowns and malfunctioning history, buying it means losing business revenues. Availability of spare parts for the forklift is also vital as they are part of the overall maintenance cost.

What is the hour meter reading?

The overall meter reading of the forklift is a critical factor to consider. It tells how long the forklift has been in use and helps you decide whether to buy it.

Are there additional attachments Available with the forklifts?

Separate tools such a drums and cables rolls are sold together with the forklift, which allows it to lift specific loads. Find out from the seller if the attachments are available to be purchased or included in the forklift. Also, inquire whether the forklift can hold more than one accessory. Holding more than one fixture offers convenience and functionality in the workplace.

The Takeaway

Forklifts are essential equipment because of their diverse roles. Buying a forklift for business needs is a huge investment and therefore vital to make informed decisions. Asking the questions above when buying a used electric forklift for sale will help in selecting the best machine that suits your specific needs.