The ABCs of Operating an Electric Forklift

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The ABCs of Operating an Electric Forklift

The ABCs of Operating an Electric Forklift
There are many types of forklifts designed for use in different environments and to be powered by different sources of fuel. If you are looking for a forklift that is energy efficient and emissions-free, the electric forklift is the answer. Although most people know what an electric forklift is, very few understand how it is operated. Below is a rundown of basic tips you can count on in operating this kind on a forklift.

Know the Equipment

After getting a used forklift for sale or renting one, the next step has to do with trying to understand the equipment. For instance, different forklifts are made to be used for different purposes, and you should ensure that your forklift is fit for your particular use. You should ensure that you understand the purpose for and conditions for which the forklift was made, and operate it accordingly. For instance, you should know its maximum capacity of your electric forklift and ensure that you do not overload it.

Ensure that the battery is properly charged

The main distinguishing feature of an electric forklift is that it is powered by an electric motor, unlike the internal combustion (IC) forklift which is powered by diesel or gasoline. Thus, you have to ensure that it is properly charged before you even start to operate it. A fully charged modern electric forklift for sale can run for two eight-hour shifts, five days per week.

Inspect the equipment

Like any other heavy duty machine, an electric forklift must be regularly inspected to ensure that all its parts are working as expected. Before you begin to operate it, ensure that you have circle-checked all its features to ensure that no parts are broken or malfunctioning.

Prevent accidents

Like with other motorized vehicles, there are safety precautions that must be observed for the safety of the operator and other employees. Some safety precautions that must be observed when operating an electric forklift include:  
  • The operator must fasten the seatbelt to ensure that they remain within the operators' compartment in case of a tip-over.
  • Operators must be aware of their surroundings and ensure that the forklift is driven at the right speed.
  • Operators must keep their feet and arms within the compartment to avoid being crushed.
  • The operator must only lift loads that can safely be lifted within the forklifts capacity

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that although operating an electric forklift is easy; there are several basic tips that operators should keep in mind to maximize the longevity of the trucks and enhance site safety. If you have any question about operating an electric forklift or are looking for used forklifts for sale or rent; feel free to contact us