Raymond Forklifts and More

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Raymond Forklifts and More

Raymond Forklifts and More From Coronado Equipment Sales

Coronado Equipment Sales is proud to carry several products from Raymond Forklift, one of the most trusted brands in the entire industry! If you’re looking for Raymond pallet jacks, reach trucks, turret trucks, order pickers or more in the Los Angeles area, then you have found the ultimate forklift destination. Here are just a few of the Raymond products that we are happy to offer!

Reach Trucks

These Raymond forklifts are super ideal for use in warehouses and fulfillment centers that have tall shelving. Reach trucks make it incredibly easy and safe for your employees to access stored items that are high up on inventory shelves, especially areas that are typically out of reach of more traditional forklifts. Some models of Raymond reach trucks can extend to over twice the height of conventional forklifts! Reach models provide the benefit of being able to store items much higher than you normally would be able to, removing the need for potentially dangerous situations with ladders. Raymond’s reach trucks are known for being easy to maintain and being highly reliable, even with a complex setup that comes with reach trucks. 

Pallet Jacks

Raymond pallet jacks are among the highest-quality, most reliable pallet jacks available in the market today. These pallet jacks are designed to handle just about anything that you can throw at them, operating dependably in even the harshest of warehouse conditions. These award-winning models are durable, energy efficient, easy to operate, and are very simple to maintain. Browse our selection of Raymond pallet jacks now, and contact us if you have any questions regarding the performance of the stock that we have on hand.

Turret Trucks

Raymond turret trucks are practically an essential piece of equipment when your warehouse has extremely narrow aisles. These turret trucks are designed with space optimization at the core, packing a lot of power into a relatively small amount of space. Coronado Equipment Sales is happy to provide you with many Raymond turret truck options, which allows the operator to have the fastest performance in load handling in narrow spaces, making your productivity the best that it can possibly be. The unique design of turret trucks allows for the operator to clearly see the load that they are working with, making these very safe pieces of equipment to operate. These turret trucks from Raymond Forklifts can save you as much as 50% of the space that a normal forklift would occupy. 

Order Pickers

Order pickers from Raymond Forklift are compact and versatile, being effective in warehouses, commercial spaces, or even some large retail stores. These are designed to move products, pallets, and other items quickly, safely, and efficiently. Many of these order pickers allow the operator unequalled access to the items that are being picked for customer orders. When orders need to be picked quickly, come to Coronado Equipment Sales and browse our selection of quality Raymond Forklift order pickers!

Coronado Equipment Sales is Here for Los Angeles

When you need quality forklift and other warehouse equipment for your business in and around Los Angeles, come to Coronado Equipment Sales. We have a huge selection of new and used forklifts, especially from the quality brand Raymond! Contact us with any questions you may have regarding our inventory, and let’s get your business moving with Raymond Forklift and CES!