Forklift Rentals Made Easy With CES!

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January 21, 2020
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Forklift Rentals Made Easy With CES!

Quality Forklift Rentals From Coronado Equipment Sales!

Depending on the needs of your specific business, it may not be cost-effective to purchase a forklift or other warehouse equipment. There are circumstances where renting quality forklifts, pallet jacks, order or cherry pickers, and turret trucks would be better for your business! To begin with, renting from CES means you’ll have a set monthly cost, which includes basic maintenance. You won’t get surprised by unexpected charges! If a piece of equipment fails, you won’t need to worry about the unforeseen downtime — we will have a replacement unit in your possession in no time. The upfront cost of renting is also much easier on your business’s budget. While you won’t own the machine, you also won’t be spending thousands of dollars in one fell swoop to make a big purchase. If this works better for your business model, then it is a great option.  We’re very happy to offer our California customers these rental options. We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the machines that we provide for use in your warehouse, commercial, and retail spaces! Contact CES if you need to rent any of the following:

Reach Lifts

A reach lift is probably what you’re thinking of when someone says “forklift.” These are the workhorses of warehouses all around the world, and CES offers several different models for rent. These lifts are perfect for completing tasks in warehouses, fulfillment centers, retail spaces with high storage, and other spaces where it would be beneficial to not use ladders or riskier tactics. These reach lifts can extend up to twice the height that a conventional forklift can manage, meaning you can access twice the potential workspace. Contact us to view our rental selection, including models from Raymond, Yale, CAT, Crown, and more.

Order Pickers

This piece of equipment makes order fulfillment an absolute breeze! With an order picker, you can use a compact, efficient, versatile piece of machinery to zip around your warehouse, picking up product, pallets, and other items with ease. These smaller machines are a valuable asset to just about any warehouse or large retail business. The compact design of these order pickers means that the operator actually stands on the lift area itself, making access to specific, individual products incredibly quick and efficient. The most common items that are collected using these order pickers, which are sometimes called “cherry pickers,” are small items for order fulfillment, as well as larger items like home furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) and other small boxes. Although they are small, they typically can extend to a height of 20’, with some models reaching over 32’. You can certainly get around in a hurry with these tiny titans.

Propane Forklifts

If you need a forklift in an outdoor environment where higher speeds are viable, a propane forklift might be exactly what your business needs. Propane-powered engines generally operate at 100% power for the duration of their fuel time, meaning that they won’t start to slow down halfway through a charge like an electric model may. Refueling a propane engine takes only minutes, while recharging an electric forklift can take several hours. Engines that run on propane generally have a longer life expectancy as well, meaning less downtime and less chance for a mechanical malfunction. Propane is also a clean-burning fuel that produces far less emissions than a standard gasoline fueled engine.

Electric Sit-Down Forklift

These electric models of forklift come in both three and four wheeled varieties, depending on the space restrictions of your warehouse or fulfillment center. Naturally, the three-wheeled models are smaller and can easily maneuver in tight spaces and smaller aisles. If a position in your warehouse requires several hours at a time spent operating a forklift, this is going to be a much more comfortable option for the operator, minimizing fatigue. These models also have simpler controls than a standard forklift, somewhat mimicking that of a regular automobile. The low profile of these electric models also afford exceptional operator visibility, reducing the chances of any accidents.

Turret Truck

If your warehouse needs to operate within the confines of very narrow aisles, then a turret truck or turret forklift is going to be your very best friend. These lifts are specifically designed to function in narrow spaces. Lifts can extend up to nearly 46’, can turn on a dime, and are uniquely designed to allow the operator a clear view of the pallet handling process at all times. We rent several trusted brands of turret forklifts, including models from Raymond, Drexel, Bendi and more! Get the fastest product-per-minute loading time possible with the rental of a turret forklift.

Electric Pallet Jack

While smaller, manual pallet jacks are a convenient enough option for smaller warehouses and retail spaces, when you need to quickly move and accurately maneuver pallets from point A to point B, an electric pallet jack can improve your performance speed dramatically, as well as reduce strain on the operator. Models range from smaller electric jacks that are manually pushed and pulled, to larger models that the operator can actually stand on while the jack moves. Depending on the size of pallets that need to be moved and the speed at which you need to move them, different models will work better for you.

Much, Much More!

We could go on and on about all of the forklift products that we at CES provide for rent, but for the sake of brevity, we encourage you to contact us to ask about any other warehouse forklift application that you may require! We also offer rentals for:
  • Electric forklifts
  • Stand-up dockers
  • 4-Directional forklifts
  • Pneumatic forklifts
  • Electric stackers
  • And more!

CES Is Your California Forklift Rental Specialist

Our goal is to meet the needs of any of our customers in the Los Angeles area and the surrounding cities. Coronado Equipment Sales is committed to superior customer service and to making the rental process for warehouse equipment easy and affordable. You won’t find better prices for forklift rentals anywhere else! Please contact us today to talk to an equipment specialist so that we can get your rental started today and your business running smoothly for many days to come!