Yale ERC100VH Electric Forklift Review

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February 19, 2019
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Yale ERC100VH Electric Forklift Review

Yale ERC100VH Electric Forklift Review

Yale electric forklifts are a leader in the lifting gear arena. The lifting gears have low routine maintenance costs and extended service intervals. What is more, there is no waste to be disposed of these machines, which adds on to the list of their cost-benefits. You can enjoy all these benefits and much more by buying a reconditioned Yale ERC100VH electric forklift. This used forklift for sale is powered by a 48- volt AC system provides the ultimate solution for all your lifting needs in warehouses, industrial distribution and retail business. This charge-only product repudiates the need for you to have fuel stockpiles which expose your property to the risk of fire. Additionally, this compact product requires less storage space at the end of a day's work. For a list of CES used forklifts for sale, please click here.

Reduced noise pollution

Pollution is a major consideration when shopping for a forklift. This Yale ERC100VH electric forklift is silent in operation which helps reduce distraction in and around your working environment. This super-silent product helps enhance safety at work where worker disorientation can turn out to be tragic.

Low carbon footprint

This product has near-zero emissions, a significant contribution to reduced carbon footprint in your working environment. Poor quality of air in workplaces where lifting gear is used including warehouses and distributors is a major cause of absenteeism and high cost of medication. The following are the major health complications arising from low air quality in workplaces:
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Dermatitis
  • Infection to the eyes

Enhanced maneuverability

Yale electric forklifts are best known for their ability to maneuver around limited spaces including corners and isles. This forklift has a small chassis, which helps increase its turning radius and reduce the risk of human error during operation. This product makes a significant investment in ensuring space optimization during storage.

Compact design

This compact product has a maximum height of 2.18 meters and makes a great addition when looking to increase racking space in your warehouse. This piece of equipment incorporates design with functionality, with its battery weight doubling up as a counterbalance. This product has increased stability owing to its design which ensures a low center of gravity.

Ease in control

This product is easy to operate since there is no clutch or inching pedal to be used by an operator. The low cabin ensures maximized visibility and precise lifts during operation. Further, this product is fitted with a seat-side power disconnect in case there is a need to have an emergency stop.

Ease in servicing

The Yale ERC100VH electric forklift's design prioritizes on easy and convenient servicing. The product is fitted with on-board diagnostic capabilities to help in troubleshooting. Serviceable parts in this product can easily be accessed through its one-piece steel rear opening. For a complete list of electric forklifts for sale, please click here.