Clark NPR20 Reach Forklift Review

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February 18, 2019
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Clark NPR20 Reach Forklift Review

Clark NPR20 Reach Forklift Review

Clark reach forklifts have high lifting capacities, and are made to meet the reliability and operational requirements of the modern day's narrow aisle applications. They feature 100 percent technology for improved performance, enhanced efficiency and lower running costs. The Clark NPR20 Reach forklift does not fall short of this. Are you looking for a used reach forklift? The reconditioned Clark NPR20 Reach forklift from Coronado Equipment Sales is an excellent choice. This Used Forklift for Sale has been reconditioned and it works very smoothly. It is very strong and breakdowns are not likely to occur if the machine is handled properly. Being a used machine, it comes at a great price. It comes with a battery charger as well as a 1-year warranty for a reconditioned battery. Warehouses with narrow aisles can benefit greatly from having a forklift like this one. Extra training is required to learn how to handle the electric machine.


The capacity is 3,000 lbs, mast capacity is 189", the fork length is 42", and the battery voltage is 24 volts. There is no side shift, but the tires are new. The brakes are in good working condition, and there are no oil leaks or hydraulic leaks. The paint is new. Coronado Equipment Sales offers a warranty of 60 days on the whole machine.


This forklift is designed to work in narrow aisles. The maneuverability is great and the machine needs does not use too much floor space. Forklifts are an integral part of many warehouses and having one makes material handling easier. The Clark NPR20 Reach reduces any operational injuries to employees. Since it is a used machine, the reliability is assured and the upfront costs are much lower than those of a new machine. The 60 days warranty that comes with purchasing the equipment is very convenient. The one-year battery warranty is also an added benefit. The reach forklift is powered by electricity, which means that there are zero emissions and lower maintenance costs compare to the diesel counterparts. Moreover, the forklift is fully automated and thus it is easy to control and maneuver.


On the downside, the lifting capacity is limited to just 3,000. Other than that, this is an electrical device; therefore it cannot be used outside in wet weather conditions for long.


Used forklifts are nothing short of convenient. They are very reliable because they have been tested before; as a result they are less likely to misbehave. Even if repair is needed, the repair costs are very low and fixing them is easy. In addition to that, they come at a cheaper price than brand new equipment, thus cutting business costs. If you are in need of an affordable forklift, then look no further than the used Clark NPR20 Reach forklift.