3 Most Common Electric Forklift Accidents and How to Avoid Them

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3 Most Common Electric Forklift Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Working with electric forklifts can be dangerous. Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics suggests that almost 100 people die at the workplace and 20, 000 others sustain injuries in accidents related to forklifts. The numbers are high because most workers do not know the right things to do to prevent accidents. Failure to train forklift operators accounts for about 25% of the accidents. With some precaution, forklifts can be safe. Finding a used forklift for sale may help you to save some money. The following are some simple tips to help you avoid electric forklift accidents.

Running Over Pedestrians

One of the most common accidents when operating electric forklifts is running other people over. The pedestrians are likely to die or sustain major injuries. It is possible to prevent these types of accidents by ensuring that all operators have the relevant training. They should be able to maintain control over the machine at all times. Pedestrians should also be trained to avoid the paths that have been designated for forklifts. Other ways to reduce the accident include clear signage and applying floor tape to forklift zones.

Forklift Overturn

The cases of forklifts overturning often lead to death. The causes may include; failure to observe speed limits, equipment malfunction, stopping abruptly, uneven roads, and operating on inclined grounds. It is possible to prevent such accidents by driving at the recommended speeds limits, gradually coming to a stop instead of doing it abruptly, avoiding inclines, moving slowly when there is need to use inclines, and operating on smooth roads. If the operator is unable to prevent the accident and they tip sideways or forward, the important thing to remember is to stay in and hold onto the steering wheel. Panicking and jumping out may be dangerous. If the operator leans away from the source of impact and remains inside the vehicle, the overhead guard will protect them.

The Load Striking Employees

The overhead guard can only withstand a certain amount of weight. It may not be able to sustain a heavy load. If a load falls on an employee, it may cause serious injuries or death. You can prevent the problem by using the load-extension backrest and ensuring that the forks are even. The distance between the top of the load and any racking above it should not be less than six inches. Another important tip is to conduct professional inspections on the overhead guards regularly. Electric forklifts are sustainable, and they are cheap to operate as they do not consume fuel. If you need Forklifts for sale, you should consider Coronado Equipment Sales. The small company has a team of professionals who may help you to find the right one for your needs. The company is experienced in selling used equipment and performing maintenance services.