7 Simple Tips for Operating Electric Forklifts Safely

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December 7, 2018
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December 12, 2018
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7 Simple Tips for Operating Electric Forklifts Safely

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Electric forklifts are slowly replacing LPG lifts because they are much more convenient. They do not require you to use rechargeable batteries, and they help to reduce environmental impact as they do not emit pollutants. They are cheap because they do not require any maintenance. It is important to observe safety tips when operating an electric forklift to avoid getting hurt. It also ensures that your forklift stays in good condition. The following tips may help you operate your electric forklift safely.

1. Train the Operators

Do not let unqualified people operate forklifts at work. They should be licensed and experienced in operating forklifts. This helps you to prevent the chances of employees getting hurt at work. If you have new employees that are qualified but do not have any experience, do not let them operate the machines without supervision.

2. Wear the Appropriate Clothing

It is not safe to operate a forklift without wearing the right safety wear. The clothes need to be fitted enough that they do not get caught on the forklift parts while working.

3. Do Not Use the Equipment Without Conducting an Inspection

Examine equipment before use to ensure that it is in the right condition before operating. Professional inspections may help you to detect problems and solve them before running the machine.

4. Observe Safety When Starting

Do not start your forklift until you are seated and completely within the forklift. Adjust your seat position if necessary and fasten your safety belt. Ensure that everything you need is within reach and the start your forklift.

5. Take a Look at the Environment

Do not use your forklift in areas where it could fall over. Take a look at the signs in the area to avoid bridge plates since they may be unable to support the weight. Stick to the designated roadways of your forklift.

6. Operate at a safe speed

Do not exceed the speed limit. If you need to take corners or turns, reduce your speed. Avoid making sudden changes in direction wherever possible. If you need to change direction, do so slowly.

7. Ensure That You Have a Fire Extinguisher

The workplace can be dangerous especially if you have to deal with flammable material. Equipping your forklifts with fire extinguishers promotes safety. Even though it may cause a fire on itself, outside conditions may give rise to fires. Coronado Equipment Sales is a small equipment company that may help you to find an affordable used forklift for sale. The Southern California company was formed in 2014, and it deals in purchasing, selling, renting, and servicing equipment. You may reach them on phone at 877 830 7447.