How Cat Electric Forklifts Can Help Managing Your Warehouse Better

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January 25, 2019
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January 25, 2019
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How Cat Electric Forklifts Can Help Managing Your Warehouse Better

According to a 2010 research by Economics for Equity and environment, for every 10,000 hours of use, IC engine forklifts emit approximately 12,000 pounds of carbon emissions than cat electric forklifts. As green technology continues to be integrated into industrial processes electric forklifts have come in handy. And the good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money acquiring a new cat electric forklift; you can go for a used forklift for sale that is quite affordable. Electric forklifts allow you to do more work with less power hence delivering sustainability. For your warehouse operations, electric forklifts are ideal since they are quick and easy to operate. With lift heights of up to seven meters, these machines are ideal for a wide range of wide warehouse operations. Here are some of the ways electric forklifts can help in managing your warehouse better.

Save on Your Fuel Costs

If you are running a warehouse, your primary goal is to make profits. Therefore, you need to explore all possible ways of saving money to increase revenue. The good news is that electric forklifts from Caterpillar provide EPA-approved warehouse forklifts that can save warehouse owners substantial amounts of money on fuel costs. Fully-electric warehouse forklifts will maximize your savings since no gasoline or petroleum-based products are needed to operate these machines. Any warehouse business that converts to fully electric forklifts can expect to save a lot of money each year.

Cat Forklifts Are Designed for Small Facilities

If yours is a small warehouse, there is no need to worry since there is something for you in the market. Some cat electric forklifts are designed for small facilities since they feature closed heights of less than 2 meters. This enables the forklift to pass easily through the doorways and even corridors. The small chassis of an electric forklift increases maneuverability since it has a smaller turning radius compared to the petroleum-based forklifts. This enhancement is perfect for small warehouses since it reduces the risk of operator error.

More Work, Less Maintenance

While some people argue that electric forklifts are more expensive than their IC operated counterparts, this isn't true. The fact is that when you add the acquisition cost plus the overall cost of running a simple electric forklift, you will discover that they are the most affordable option. Although the initial cost of acquiring an electric forklift may be a little bit high, these machines offer significantly lower operating and maintenance costs. They provide greater energy efficiency compared to the ICE equipment plus less noise pollution. Furthermore, electric forklifts don't require spark plugs, oil, pistons or catalytic converters that are highly prone to tear and wear. Electric forklifts will also save you a lot of money in repair costs.