2002 Crown 20WRTT Walkie Reach Review

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February 5, 2019
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February 7, 2019
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2002 Crown 20WRTT Walkie Reach Review

The reconditioned Crown Electric Reach Pallet is in great working condition. This walkie reach comes with a reach function to allow you to stack items on a shelf. The unit is very compact, but it can still reach great heights. This Used Forklift for Sale is a worthy purchase for anyone who is need of a secondhand Walkie Reach. Forklifts can at times be seen as members of a warehouse because of being very reliable and indispensable. If your warehouse is looking for a forklift, considering buying a used forklift is a wise choice. A used forklift can significantly lower costs for your warehouse business, and you have peace of mind knowing that the forklift has been previously workplace tested and will not break down easily. Even if repair is needed, a slightly aged electric forklift is less expensive to fix compared to a brand new one as the parts costs less, and it is easy to purchase used parts at a huge discount.

Features of the Used 2002 Crown 20WRTT Walkie Reach

Lift capacity of this machine is 2,000lbs, the lift height is up to 130" and the fork length is 42". It has been repainted, the brakes are good, and there is no oil or hydraulic leaks. Battery voltage is 24V, and a battery charger is included. The condition of the battery has been reconditioned and it comes with a one-year warranty. The tires have 70%-80% quality and the reach pallet has been repainted to improve its look. If you have been looking for a high-quality, but used walkie reach, then look no further, because the Crown 20WRTT may be just what you need for your warehouse. A forklift is an integral part of many warehouses, therefore a used forklift can be very cost-effective and reliability is assured.


The 2002 Crown 20WRTT Walkie Reach is automated and includes power-assisted lifting, therefore it is not likely to cause any strain-related injuries to the users. A complete power system lets the reach pallet lift, lower and move in a warehouse easily. In a busy work setting, electric pallets can save a huge deal of working times, allowing the user to move longer distances and with less breaks.


On the downside, the lift capacity is limited to 2,000 lbs, and additional training is required before the machine can be operated.


When you choose to purchase a used electric forklift for your business, you are assured that you are getting a high-quality workhouse that functions properly for much less its actual market value. Besides enjoying a huge upfront saving when you buy the used Crown 20WRTT Walkie Reach, the price you pay for a brand new machine is at most times enough to buy 2 used forklifts.