2008 Raymond 740 DR32TT Deep Reach Forklift Review

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February 1, 2019
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February 7, 2019
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2008 Raymond 740 DR32TT Deep Reach Forklift Review

2008 Raymond 740 DR32TT Deep Reach Forklift Review

Are you looking for an affordable, but high-quality deep reach forklift for your warehouse? You do not need to look any further, because you can get yourself a used 2008 Raymond 740 DR32TT from Coronado Equipment Sales. Best Raymond forklifts are well-known for being exceptionally productive, reliable and energy efficient. The 2008 Raymond 740 DR32TT Deep Reach forklift does not fall short of this fact. It is suited for working in narrow-aisle warehouses. This Used Forklift for Sale has undergone reconditioning and it works smoothly and efficiently. Being a used forklift, you are assured that the equipment will not break down easily, as it has been tested previously. Moreover, the upfront costs for a used forklift are way cheaper than those of a brand new machine. The machine parts have been reconditioned to work properly and meet warehouse operational needs.


The 2008 Raymond 740 DR32TT Deep Reach Forklift comes with a rebuilt pantagraph and drive motor. It has a lifting capacity of 3,200lbs, a mast of 207", a fork length of 42", and the battery voltage is 36V. A battery charger is included, and the brakes work well. Coronado Equipment Sales offers a warranty of 60 Days on the whole machine. This used forklift offers a one-year battery warranty if you opt for a reconditioned battery. There are no oil leaks or hydraulic leaks, and both the seat and the paint are new.


The used Raymond Deep Reach comes with a very good warranty, making it a good buy. It is very affordable and all the parts work properly. Deep reach trucks of this kind are suitable for working in narrow-aisled warehouses. They increase productivity and promote an efficient and methodical place of work. The forklift also enhances material handling in exceptional ways thus reducing the risk of employee injuries. Since it is has been used before, the forklift comes with assured reliability and familiarity. It is not likely to break down at the smallest sign of trouble. Investing in a machine like this one is a wise option, as the maintenance costs are very low. If any repairs are needed, fixing a used machine does not cost a lot of money.


The lift capacity of this fork lift is limited to 3,200lbs, and learning how to use an autonomous forklift takes some time for those who are used to the more traditional means of handling materials.


Purchasing a brand new Raymond Deep Reach forklift requires a heavy investment, but with the option of a used forklift, a business can cut its operational costs significantly. This forklift works very well in warehouses that have narrow aisles, and any other operational areas that are squeezed. The used Raymond 740 DR32TT Deep Reach forklift is a great buy that comes with a convenient warranty.