Used Forklift Buyer’s Guide

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September 27, 2018
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Used Forklift Buyer’s Guide

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There are various aspects to keep in mind when buying a used forklift, especially for the very first time. You should be well aware of the tips and tricks, which might come handy when making a final purchase decision. Read along to find out more information about buying a used forklift.

Research on the Internet

Before going to purchase a used forklift, search thoroughly on the internet. Find out all the relevant and required information, which can help you in inspecting the second-hand forklifts. There is tons of information available online and all one need to do is read along. You can even watch videos to find out the features, which can be helpful for your company. Now when you physically visit the site do not forget to do the following:

Ask for Maintenance Records

Machine maintenance records are extremely important, especially for a used forklift. Ask for it as these maintenance records would assist you in finding out the relevant information, which otherwise would be hard to inspect. It is important to note whether the used forklift has a regular maintenance or not.

Do a Thorough Examination

It would be wise to bring your mechanic with you as he would the expertise to find any potential problems like a leak in the transmission or a problem in the cylinder or transmission.

Evaluate the Cost of Repairs

A used forklift might require repairs. It would be wise to let the mechanic evaluate the cost of repairs. Evaluating the cost would help you to find the actual price of the used forklift, which would include the repair costs. If a used forklift turns out costly, you might want to consider a different model.

Do not Forget to Check the Tires

Make sure the tires are in working condition and there is not much wear and tear. Also, check for any uneven wear. It would be wise to ask the owner about the durability of tires and how long they have not been changed.

Go for a Test Drive

It would be wise to do a test drive of the used forklift. After all, you want the best for your company and the crew. Remember a company, which treats the employees like a valuable asset is likely to have the greatest growth and success in the future. A test drive of a used forklift would also assist in the finding the performance of the brakes. If the brakes are faulty, it can be a serious issue and would require replacement or repair. Get the opinion from your mechanic about the forklift before making a final purchase decision in favor of any model.

Final Words

We at Coronado Equipment Sales, have quality pre-owned forklifts. We are quite aware of the fact that you need the best machine for your valuable crew members. The best thing about our company is that we ship nationwide so it doesn't matter, where you are. However, we would make sure that you get the machine, which is in accordance with your preferences.